Insider Travel - Homestay Experience - Iquitos - 7 Days

A human adventure in total immersion with an Amazonian family in Canaán village, Peru

per person $630
  •   Nature
  •   Remarkable
  • 7 days
  • Max. 10 pers.
  • Spanish

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Experience an insider travel to Canaán village, Peru - welcome to Wilder's family!

During your stay, you will be welcomed in Wilder and Jessica Fasabi’s house. You will enjoy their sympathy and incomparable hospitality as soon as you arrive in Canaán village on the Rio Tahuayo, a river of black waters, tributary to the Amazon. You will also meet their four children. Your nights will be lulled by the sounds of the jungle.

Wilder will also be your guide. He will share with you his vast knowledge of the flora and fauna of the Amazon, the use of medicinal plants that his father transmitted to him and tropical agriculture. The activities will be adapted according to your interests. There are many possibilities for excursions around Canaán village. You will find clear water rivers and streams among sublime landscapes, observe many birds species and attend breathtaking sunsets.

Start from Iquitos to Canaán village

In the morning, Wilder will pick you up in your hotel or in other meeting place. You will take a boat called a “rapido” until Tamshiyacu village (one way trip will last about 2 hours). Then from Tamshiyacu, you will board a "peque-peque" (traditional wooden boat) until Canaán village (one way trip will last about 1:30 hours).

At your arrival, you will walk for 10 minutes to arrive at Wilder’s terrain, a quiet place, out of the community inside the jungle. There, you will settle in your new home for the time of your stay, a lovely wooden decorated house equipped with mosquito nets.

Activities offered during your stay at Wilder's

During your stay in Wilder's family, you will have the possibility to do various activities in total immersion in the nature with the local community:

  • Trekking in the jungle
  • Fishing (harpoon or line fishing)
  • Swimming in the rivers
  • Intercultural exchange with the community
  • Discovery of medicinal plants, fauna and flora of the Amazon
  • Night camps in the jungle in remote areas
  • Canoe
  • Participation in the field working
  • Visit of neighboring communities
  • Handicraft activities

On your last day, you will take the road back to Iquitos in the morning on board the "rapido" and then the "peque-peque"(same trip as on the first day).

A few words about Canaán community

The rural community of Canaán is located on the banks of the Tahuayo River, about fifty kilometers from Iquitos, capital of the region of Loreto. It is located at the heart of the regional conservation area of Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo (400,000 hectares).

The main economic activities of this small village of about 200 people (35 families) are fishing, hunting, production and sale of cassava, plantains and charcoal. Several residents are also making handicrafts (jewelry, decorative items, bags, etc.) to increase their income since the financial resources of families are extremely low.

The only access to the city is the river, paved roads being almost inexistent around Iquitos. The residents use traditional wooden boats called "peque-peque" to move between communities or to Iquitos to sell the surplus of agricultural production, fishing, or charcoal. The village has a primary school for children aged 3 to 12 years. The college for older children is located in the nearby small town of Tamshiyacu, like the health post.

As most of the villages in the Amazon, Canaán lives at the rhythm of the sun. Residents enjoy lower temperatures at sunrise to work their land (planting, maintenance, harvesting crops, depending on the season) until mid-day. The afternoon is usually dedicated to additional activities or relaxing: manufacture of boats, home maintenance, and installation of fishing nets, football or volleyball.

Practical information

Schedule: everyday

Capacity: 10 people

Duration: 7 days / 6 nights

Language: Spanish

Trilingual Translator Supplement (English/Spanish/French): $29/day (only on request)

Place: Canaán village , region of Loreto

Access: by "rapido" and "peque-peque" boat starting from Iquitos

The price includes

  • Complete transportation (land and boat transportation) Iquitos - Canaán / Canaán - Iquitos
  • All-inclusive stay at Wilder's family
  • All activities offered during your stay
  • The price doesn't include

    The national flights to / from Iquitos

    Good to know before booking your homestay experience as an Amazon Insider Traveler

    This homestay experience is intended for healthy persons, considering that the concept of community tourism is sharing the real life conditions of the jungle native communities. Travelers will have access to a rustic shower and toilets (elementary comfort conditions). However, there is nothing to worry about! Wilder and his family will take care of you during your whole stay and won't leave you at the crocodiles mercy! ;-) You will enjoy a personnalized support and guidance so as to ensure the smooth running of your stay.

    For your stay in the Amazon, it is important to think about:

    • Vaccination against yellow fever (ask for information in a specialized medical center before traveling)
    • Prevention against malaria (recommended)
    • A repellent
    • Closed shoes (preferably sports shoes) for all walk activities
    • Sunscreen for the fragile skins
    • An oilskin or raincoat for the raining days (rainy season from December to March)
    • Portable batteries and a pocket lamp
    • Compulsory individual insurance (repatriation assistance)

    This travel has been promoted by Goforcolor in cooperation with Latitud Sur, a humanitarian association whose mission is to reinforce the autonomy and self management capacity of the native and rural communities of the Amazon. Travelling this way gives you the guarantee that the funds generated by this solidarity tourism will finance development projects. A responsible travel, far away from the traditional concepts of tourism, arousing a reflection on social and environmental issues.

    For more information about this homestay experience, please feel free to send us an email at, or call us at +51 1 220 2344.