Wildlife vacation - Peruvian Amazon 5 Days

5 Days / 4 Nights in Tarapoto

per person $220
  •   Family
  •   Nature
  • 5 days
  • Max. 5 pers.
  • Spanish

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02 lamas calles pueblo
03 castillo lamas exterior
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Are you dreaming of a wildlife vacation in the Peruvian Amazon with your family or friends? A vacation which would include some adventure, nature, discovery and also relax moments, just as if you were at home? We are offering you 5 days combining all these ingredients so that you can have your best vacation ever in the region of Tarapoto, at the heart of Peruvian Amazon! You will discover the must-see places of San Martin region, such as the Lamas village, Ahuashiyacu waterfalls, Sauce Lake (Laguna Azul), Alto Mayo (Moyobamba and Rioja cities) and will enjoy sports activities such as canoeing and canopy. You will stay in an all-equipped apartment so that you can really feel at home! Here is your programme step by step:

Day 1 - Welcome to Tarapoto and visit of Lamas!

As you arrive at Tarapoto airport, you will be picked up and transferred to your apartment where you'll be offered a delicious season fruit juice.

You will take the road at 3 pm to Lamas village, at about 14 km away from Tarapoto.

Lamas, which is also known as "The city of 3 floors", is one of the most ancient villages from the East side of Peru, which until now possesses a pretty marked ancestral culture. The village is divided into two parts: the Quechua native community in the lower part of the village, and the "Métis" in the upper part of the village. The population living in the barrio Wayku is well-known for having preserved and kept its ancestral customs, such as its traditional clothes.

You will start the visit with the Chanka museum where you'll discover the History and traditions of Lamas people. The different rooms of the museum are displaying unique pieces telling the History of the most ancient villagers from this part of Peru.

You will then go to Lamas castle, a medieval-styled castle which was built in 2005 by an Italian named Nicola Felice. This represents a fabulous styles contrast between this remarkable construction and the Amazonian landscape.

The last visit of the day will take place in the barrio Wayku, where you will meet the Quechua community and appreciate their local dances and clothes. You will also have the possibility to do some shopping on the handmade souvenirs market, where you will find some jewellery, accessories, ceramics, etc.

Return to Tarapoto in the late afternoon and transfer to your apartment.

Day 2 - Laguna Azul, the lake of Amazonian legends

In the early morning, you will go out so as to have a delicious regional breakfast.

You will then take the road to Sauce Lake, also known as Laguna Azul. The trip until Laguna Azul will last about 1:30 hours, during which you will cross the impressive Huallaga river! The best opportunity to make some unforgettable pictures!

Once arrived at Laguna Azul, you will enjoy a one hour boat ride, will observe a luxuriant vegetation, the lake beauty and the fishermen doing hard work!

After the boat ride, you will finally taste the local flavors and have lunch. We recommend you to taste the Tilapia, a very appreciated fish, accompanied with some fried plantains - a real delight!

Return to Tarapoto in the late afternoon and transfer to your apartment.

Day 3 - Moyobamba, the Orchids City

You will leave your apartment in the early morning to have a delicious continental breakfast. You will then take the road to Moyobamba, the Orchids city. The car ride will last approximately two hours.

Once arrived at Moyobamba, you will visit the garden "Agro Oriente" where you will discover a grand variety of Amazonian decorative plants, as well as many Orchids species of an exceptional beauty (the visit will last about 45 minutes).

Next step will be the neighbor city Rioja and its Tioyacu river, whose name means "frozen water" in Quechua. You will notice by yourself that its waters indeed are really frozen! This river was born in the mountain and has shaped little waterfalls and wells of crystal-cleared water. It is surrounded by abundant vegetation and despite the water temperature, one really feels like swimming!

You will have a lunch break at "El Milán" restaurant, where you will taste the regional typical dishes, such as tacacho, cecina, chorizo, different varieties of fish, Juane among others!

Return to Tarapoto at the end of the day and transfer to your apartment.

Day 4 - Canoeing and Canopy for an adventure journey!

This fourth day will be the occasion to be initiated to adventure sports at the heart of Peruvian Amazon!

You will leave your apartment at around 9 am for 3 hours of canoeing and canopy on the Mayo river (río Mayo). You'll be supplied all the necessary equipment on site.

During the afternoon, we will lead you to the most visited shopping points of Tarapoto, such as Orquídea chocolate factory, the traditional market and the Tío Sergio shop.

Transfer to your apartment at the end of the day.

Day 5 - Discovering Ahuashiyacu waterfalls

For your last day in the Amazon, you will start at 9 am with Ahuashiyacu waterfalls, which stand at about 14 km away from Tarapoto.

You will enter the Cordillera Escalera regional conservation area, a natural reserve where are living thousands of species from the Amazonian wildlife in Peru.

The impressive waterfall, which heights about 40 meters, is absolutely spectacular! Its name "Ahuashiyacu" means "singing water" or "laughing water" in Quechua.

This magic place also fascinates by its flora which contains a huge variety of orchids and ferns. If you are lucky, you will be able to see some butterflies, diverse insects and birds from the region.

You'll have the afternoon free in Tarapoto and will be transferred at the airport at the time which suits you best for your return flight.

Practical information

Schedule: every day

Min. pers: 2

Capacity: 5 people

(3 apartments for 5 people each are vacant for booking)

Duration: 5 days / 4 nights

Language: Spanish

Starting place and time:

You will be picked up at the airport when you arrive at Tarapoto* (*please give us the information about your flight when booking. If you didn't book your flight yet, please send us your flight information as soon as possible at contact@goforcolor.com, precising your booking number)

The price includes

  • The transfers airport - apartment - airport
  • Accommodation in an all-equipped apartment (kitchen, air conditioning, wifi, cable)
  • 1 welcome drink
  • 4 breakfasts + 4 lunches
  • 5 journeys
  • Entries to all sites
  • Customized service
  • Tours in private vehicle with a Spanish speaking guide and qualified driver

The price doesn't include

  • The national flight to Tarapoto and the return flight from Tarapoto
  • Diners
  • Any other spending made by the travelers

Good to know before booking your family vacation in the Amazon

For any vacation in the Amazon, it is important to think about:

  • The vaccination against yellow fever (ask for information in a specialized medical center before traveling)
  • A repellent
  • Closed shoes (preferably sports shoes) for all walk activities
  • Sunscreen for the fragile skins
  • An oilskin or raincoat for the raining days (rainy season from December to March)

Concerning your flight, we recommend you to book a flight which will arrive at least two hours before the beginning of the first activity (i.e. at around 1pm), in case your flight would be subject to any delay.