I'm a traveler

In order to book your activity, you simply have to select the date and time which suit you best on the calendar.

Fill your personal information out and confirm your booking.

The payment of the activities will be made by bank card.

The different cards accepted on our website are the following: Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Once the payment has been made, you will receive the following on your email address:

  • a confirmation precising if your payment has been accepted or rejected
  • a confirmation resuming the essential details of your booking (the date and time of the activity, the number of people confirmed, etc.)

The service provider (i.e. the local partner) will ask you for your booking confirmation on which appears the booking number.

The activities are for now cancelable but not changeable. Every request for cancelation shall be sent to contact@goforcolor.com.

Please have a look at the cancelation fees indicated in the General Terms and Conditions.

The amount of the activity, deducing the cancelation fees stated in the General Terms and Conditions, will be refunded on the bank account used for the payment.

Every request, should it concern a booking or a simple need for information, shall be sent to contact@goforcolor.com. Our team will be pleased to answer you as soon as possible.

I wish to propose an activity

In order to propose your own activity, just fill the provided form out. We will study your request and answer you as soon as possible.

In order to propose an original activity on our website, it is not compulsory to work in tourism.

The professionals of other areas (such as gastronomy for example), as well as private individuals, can freely propose an activity of their choice, the condition being that this activity represents an interest for the traveler and that it enables him to discover the country or the city in a different way!

Whatever the provider profile, he/she shall comply with his/her obligations towards the traveler, i.e. provide him with the service described in the activity and ensure his safety in all circumstances.

Any activity enabling the traveler to discover the country or city in an original way (activities related to nature, culture, gastronomy, sports, adventure, etc.). The direct contact with a local/locals will be strongly appreciated when examining your request.