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Goforcolor.com is a web platform which aims at selling original tourist activities and trips to South America. Its philosophy is to make discover every country through emblematic activities, remaining off the beaten track. To achieve this objective, Goforcolor.com is working hand in hand with local partners carefully selected and representing different professional areas in their respective country, such as tourism and gastronomy. In this context, it is important to point out that Goforcolor.com is only an intermediary between the traveler and the local partner, i.e. that it does not operate itself the different activities proposed. Goforcolor.com is targeting the travelers from all around the world!

Goforcolor.com reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time, without notice, it being agreed that such amendments shall not apply to orders that have previously been accepted and confirmed by Goforcolor.com.

Any booking or order placed on the website requires full and entire acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and payment of the amounts due in respect of bookings that have been made and confirmed.

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Goforcolor.com is the property of G4C S.A.C. (Sociedad Anónima Cerrada), governed by Peruvian Law and with registered office at Av. Riva Agüero 415, San Miguel, Lima - Peru. The company's RUC number is 20600193806.

Article 1 – Liability

1.1 Liability regarding the activity provided

The traveler agrees to comply with the rules set by the local partner or any of his representatives. These rules have been implemented to ensure the smooth running of the program as well as the traveler's safety. Any of the traveler's deeds that would not fit in the activity or travel program, neither falls under the responsibility of the local partner, nor the responsibility of Goforcolor.com.

1.2 Liability regarding insurance

For all the traveler's trips and activities proposed by Goforcolor.com, the traveler shall be covered by insurance while traveling internationally, i.e. individual assistance and medical insurance, accident, repatriation, luggage insurance, cancelation insurance, liability. It is the traveler's responsibility to verify his insurance coverage and if necessary to contract one with an insurer of his choice. The traveler shall keep in mind that he is probably covered for certain risks with his credit card.

1.3 Liability regarding Goforcolor.com

Goforcolor.com shall be liable for choosing the best partners and making sure that these comply with their obligations towards the travelers. Should the partners not comply with their obligations, Goforcolor.com will take the appropriate measures.

Goforcolor.com shall not be liable for any accident occuring to the traveler during his activity or trip, being previously agreed that the traveler shall be covered by an insurance of his choice. Moreover, it has already been mentioned in the preamble that Goforcolor.com was only an intermediary between the traveler and the local partner. It shall nevertheless be obvious that the local partner will do everything to ensure the traveler's security and integrity during his activity or trip.

1.4 Liability regarding the local partner

The traveler shall respect the rules set by the local partner and any of his representatives. These rules have been implemented to ensure the smooth running of the program as well as the traveler's safety. Any of the traveler's deeds which does not fall within the activity or travel program, or any imprudent deed of the traveler putting his life or integrity in danger during the activity proposed by Goforcolor.com, neither falls under the responsibility of the local partner, nor the responsibility of Goforcolor.com.

The local partner shall:

The local partner shall not be liable for:

Article 2 - Claims

For any question or claim concerning the performance of the contract, the traveler can freely contact Goforcolor.com at the following phone number +51 1 220 2344 or send an email to the following address: contact@goforcolor.com.

Goforcolor.com will always do its best to settle the case by mutual agreement, looking for a solution satisfying both parts of the contract.

Article 3 – Special provisions

3.1 Cancelation

The traveler may request the cancelation of his booking, except for activities which are stated to be “not changeable and not cancelable".

Any request for cancelation shall be sent to contact@goforcolor.com (precising the booking number, the activity's name, the traveler’s name and the date planned for the activity). Goforcolor.com will handle this request as soon as possible. The date of receipt will determine the date of cancelation

The cancelation fees applying to this contract are the following:

In case of cancelation, insurance fees are not refundable.

3.2 Payment

Payment shall be made in the reference currency indicated, i.e. in USD.

The payment shall be made with the different means offered on the website Goforcolor.com.

The traveler booking an activity on the website Goforcolor.com will only be debited the amount standing on the booking confirmation. All the prices indicated on the website Goforcolor.com include VAT.

For payments by bank or credit card, Goforcolor.com is using a secure payment system. The traveler buying on the website is then redirected to the secure payment system in order to fill in his bank details. Goforcolor.com disclaims all liability that may result from a data transmission problem.

Article 4 – Intellectual property

The general structure, as well as texts, images animated or not, sounds, videos, photos, logos, know-how and any other component of this website are the exclusive property of Goforcolor.com. Total or partial representation of this website by any means whatsoever, without the express consent of Goforcolor.com shall be prohibited and could be taken to court.

Article 5 – Hyperlinks

The website Goforcolor.com may contain links to other sites on the internet. Links to these sites make the traveler leave the website of Goforcolor.com. The publisher cannot be held liable for the content of the pages to which these links are pointing since the publisher has no control over the content of these pages.

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